Saturday, 17 April 2010

Long time no speak.

Hello Blogspot, I'm back again. I was scared off by your complicated settings in comparison to Tumblr, but let's face it, you'll always be the better blogging website.

I'm trying to think of something profound or exciting to tell you, but I spent my day in comfy clothes sweeping up hair at work. I sure do lead an extraordinary life.

I am off to a gig later at the Fat Cat, that's semi-exciting news. I'm really in the mood to dance so it should be a good night. I'm going to go out, have a few drinks and let my hair down ... so to speak, it's not like I have any hair to let down. Oh that's another thing! I'm considering growing my hair to some ultra-glam 20's Louise Brookes style Bob. Possibly, if I have the patience to grow it. It's going to look bloody ridiculous growing this hair style out though. Lord give me strength, I don't know if I can deal with having a naf haircut for as long as it'll take to grow.

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