Sunday, 18 April 2010

Fat cats, Northern blokes and losing my voice

I am always so tired. I guess I can only blame myself. I really should sleep more!

Last night at the Fat Cat was incredible, Kipling played well as always. We had a few drinks and danced and sung along for a good few hours. Terri then called and demanded I went to meet some metal bands down at the Twist. They were from near Leeds and I couldn't understand a word they said because they were talking so fast in such strong accents, but they were lovely guys. We cruised around in their van for a while and went to some party. I got in at 5am and I'm shattered but it was a great night.

I spent today recovering ... Well when I say day I actually mean afternoon and evening because I didn't get out of bed until gone 3pm. I woke up to discover that I sound like someone who'd been smoking 40 a day for their entire life. My voice is almost entirely gone. After this horrific discovery there was obviously nothing else I could do but eat and chill out listening to music in bed. I then pulled myself together and tried to get on with some art coursework but ended up doodling, which is far more fun than working to a brief! Lola's been chilling with me for most of the day too.

I look horrific when I'm ill, my humble apologies! 

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